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#myweekinscraps: first class ticket • airline tickets • starbucks gift card • coaster • luggage tag • wawa receipt • business card • drink stirrer • string • press on nail polish • parking pass • popsicle stick • 2 push pop wrappers • chopstick wrapper • movie tickets from our double feature saturdate (week 29: jul14-jul20)


the hackensack water works, built in 1882 and abandoned in 1990, was put on the national register of historic places in 2001, and is a hidden gem of oradell, new jersey. for years the water works conservancy, aided by my grandmother, has been trying to renovate this amazing place, with little help from the county. it’s been left to ruin, abandoned and overgrown, with nothing but a flimsy gate to keep out looters and vandals. it’s a shame when a beautiful piece of history is left to die when so many could be taking advantage of its amazing space.

so i ignored the sign and broke in. i couldn’t help it, someone should be enjoying these magnificent buildings.

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